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Monster box bundles

Investing in gold and silver by buying at the lowest price per coin is the primary goal of large investors.

Bullion coin monster boxes are used to bundle large quantities of gold or silver coins (100 or 500 coins). The coins are divided into stacks of 10 or 25 coins, each encased in individual plastic tubes.

Our monster box bundles offer several benefits:

  • buying bullion coins at the lowest price per coin (lowest premium available).
  • the hard and thick casing of the box protects the coins from scratches or damages.
  • the coins are packed in separate tubes that contain each 10 or 25 coins.

You will receive an official Monster box from the Mint where the coin has been produced. For gold britannia monsterboxes, the lid of the box features the logo of the Royal Mint in relief.

Monster box are available for the latest year of issue for Gold Britannia, Gold Sovereign and Silver Britannia.

Prices include Free Insured Next Day Delivery in UK.

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