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Recovery of Precious Metals from various industries

Process your precious metal waste in a minimum of time thanks to our in-house melting.

We recover precious metals from the following industries:


We recover precious metals from the following industries:


Polishings and sweeps, lemels and cutting, bombing (stripping) solutions, de-burring, fan dust, polishing grain, casting scrap, crucibles, clean scrap


Scrap, grindings, unused alloys, powders, extractor bags, crowns, floor sweeps and carpets

Diamonds Reclamation

We offer a service for our trade customers that enable to separate stones from precious metals without damaging them.

Diamond Reclamation


Alluvial, dore, nuggets


Scraps, powders and residues from various sources, including catalytic converters.


Gold rags, wipes, bottles, screen printing waste, lithographic waste, china, gold colour


Printed circuit scrap and edge connectors, connectors, switches and pins, assembled electronic scrap, reel to reel, webbing & stamping scrap

Job lots, end of lines and retailers' redundant stock

We are usually happy to look at retailer's retirements or closing down stock and give immediate decisions and payments on jobs lots and end of lines